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Hotel:No. 77, Jiankang Rd., Jiaosi Township, Yilan County 26241, Taiwan│03-910-9988  Reservation│03-910-0688 Group Booking: Taipei Office│02-7730-7888 Tourist Hotel Business License NO.1331
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Fusion Suite

  You can enjoy freely a top class bath in the hot spring, fully refreshing your mind and body. Moreover, the hotel offers all-round service comparable to that on a luxury cruise...

Multi-Entertainment Room

  Located on the 3F, Multi-Entertainment Room has many fun games make the space the most popular recreational spot.

Sky Hall

  Sky Hall features panoramic 360 views overlooking Turtle island. Lovers are marking a commitment, witnessed by azure blue sky, ocean. This journey makes the celebration of...

Laurel Buffet Restaruant

  Our international buffet provides a full range of Western, Chinese and Japanese gourmet dishes, while our five-star chefs serve up the most famous local seafood right at your table....

Sky Spring

  Sky bathing is especially made from imported natural wood, so that enhancing natural delights of distinctive , yet complimentary ambience and fragrances of wind, wood...
  Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi), with a site area of 10,420 m2 and a total floor area up to 36,577 m2, features an open waterfront garden as the welcoming entrance, large floor-to-ceiling windows, solid wood materials, diverse natural stones and the application of Tadao Ando’s light concepts. Our luxurious hot spring suites in different styles, as well as our baths in eight themes, are meticulously designed in terms of light layering and space planning. In this way, we hope to assure that every guest, while enjoying Jiaosi’s beauty hot spring and appreciating the blossom of Formosan cherry on Phoenix Path, will take in the splendor of Jiaosi through the sweetest aromas and the coziest colors and warmth at the nearest distance.